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Mansions At Ivy Lake



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Office Staff
Resident 2012 - 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/31/2013
We have lived here for almost a year and HATE IT! This place is built horribly, we have ants constantly, kids constantly throw food and candy everywhere and my dog gets a hold of it when I walk him. When we moved in there were so many things wrong with the apartment. The downstairs window leaked water when it rained, ants, clogged drains, broken food disposal, dirty toilet, urine stains on it everywhere. The office staff is stuck up and could care less about residents well being...We built a home and are being forced out of our apt because we had to push our closing date on our home a few weeks later. They are putting us out and they don't care. We paid a lot of money to live here and were never late on rent, we were good tenants and it doesn't matter. ..they want to charge fees for EVERYTHING, they are money hungry and don't deserve it. There is not enough parking, people take up places when they visit leaving RESIDENTS to park outside our apartment door....then STAFF send out letters saying they will tow tenant cars if we don't park in parking spots.....THEN MAKE MORE PARKING SPOTS!!! The washers and dryers were used so much and were never cleaned before we moved in and it made our close stink...JUST PLEASE DONT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE WE DID...you can buy a home and pay less than what you pay here per month...this place is a rip off...it's just so horrible and I can't stress it enough...ABSOLUTELY NOT LUXURY!! Look somewhere else to live, you will regret living here.. People are so loud here too, kids yell at night, people play rap music and shake our walls, and the bass is horrible..A little girl hit my car when riding her bike and didn't come tell me, I HEARD IT and decided to confront her parents who were RIGHT THERE WHEN IT HAPPENED!!! This place is just disgusting and cheap...it's just getting worse too...
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Mansions At Ivy Lake

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