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Mansions At Ivy Lake



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Office Staff
Resident 2010 - 2011 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/01/2013
Never again. We left a year and a half ago and I can honestly say it was the worst year of my life living here. My upstairs neighboor often left her kids home alone when they were sick and after school while she was at work, (all 3 under the age of 8) they even managed to catch something on fire in the oven one day. I could smell smoke so I walked outside and sure enough 2 kids were out on the balcony and every window was open. The mom got there shortly after and started yelling at them for using the oven. My favorite was when she left her kids home to go out drinking only to come home at 2 am drunk and banging on the door (which was right next yi my 7 month olds bedroom windows) because her kids locked herout. Did I mention she worked for the apartment complex? When I complained they told me I would need proof, I got it easily since the cops got to witness the drunk lockout. Then she moved to another apartment. Also as another review stated there were always kids roaming until late. One night I watched from the shadow of my front porch as 3 kids none older than 13 rang the doorbell and ran away from my elderly neighbors apartment. 3 times. Past 11:00 pm on a school night. On their 4th trip around I confronted them, they ran. I didnt see them again. Always trash everywhere from the kids. Always large groups of kids playing basketball by my apartment way too late. No parents ever. Then cars started getting broken into.. big suprise. My ac barely worked and cost usually 250 to 275 buck a month set at 74 which was really about 80 since the air was barely cold. They came check it out, turned it on felt that it was blowing and yold me it was just hot outside. I owned a lot bigger places and it never cost that much to cool. Another review stated that toilets were not good during rain and that is true mine started to bubble so I called and was told they had to have something pumped due to the rain and they forgot to call the water people. Everytime it rained this happened. The closet only had 2 supports holding up a huge wire shelf, you couldnt hang 10 pieces of clothes without it buckling and pulling out of the wall, they never fixed it I had to. There wasnt a light in the second bedroom walk in closet. Weird. They told me thats how all of the units were. The dishwasher was cheap, loud and wouldn't reliably clean pre rinsed dishes. The carpet was stained, yhe kitchen floor was all marked up with deep long gouges. The floor in the laundry room was peeling up. The patched up places on the walls stuck out since the paint was different. This was when we moved in and it was never fixed. Yeah its an apartment but not luxurious by any means except in price. There are much better places for way less elsewhere.
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Mansions At Ivy Lake

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