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Courtyard Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2016 - 2017 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/08/2017
Very irritated living here. The desk lady is rude, the maintenance man is nice but seems to act like the president of the place with the "you can't do this and you can't have that" when my neighbors underneath me and above me both apparently smoke a lot of marijuana because it stinks up my whole apartment and when I come home it's terrifying but yet nothing has been done or said about THAT situation You can't have an animal under a year old which is ridiculous when you're paying $700+ for a pet deposit. My whole apartment is very out dated and falling apart so I dare them to try and charge me for run down things that weren't working properly from the get go. The hot water heater is terrible I can't even take a shower longer than 10 minutes without the water becoming freezing immediatly. The noise between my neighbors and the giant possums rattling in the dumpster should be the staffs main worry but instead they worry more about the outside of your apartment looking "uniform" Which i don't see how anything looks uniform here considering this place should of been remodeled years ago. The sinks overflow with dirty water when I use my dish washer and apparently that's "normal" here. I can't use bleach to clean which is also absolutely ridiculous, I apparently am not allowed to use any kind of red or pink soap. The neighborhood is safe but probably not for long considering this whole complex is being ran down by thugs and apartments that are piling up 7 people in a one bedroom. This place is very unorganized and not worth the money. They also come into your apartment rather you are home or not to do some sort of inspection and I'm not exactly sure what goes on during these inspections considering I have never once been home during these times which I find extremely shady. I come home sometimes and I feel like my things have been messed with and dug through. Instead of reaching out to you professionally they leave notes on your door knob hanging by just a rubber band which is so unprofessional it makes me sick. The letters they write are extremely rude and all and all this place is totally lacking cleanliness, professionalism and hospitality. They need to get their ---- together they are more worried about YOUR personal life than they are about the actual care of the apartment complex. There is not enough parking for the residents that live here sometimes I have to park on the side of the street and walk through the gate. Also while I'm on the topic the gate and gate codes berly work and they have knowledge of this and they seem to not care what so ever. I have to constantly press 9 over and over again sometimes after several calls to let any company in because their gate is just as ancient as their appliances!!!!!! If you do have a pet you will not get your pet deposit back. All and all I would never ever ever ever ever recommend anyone stay at these apartments it is not worth it and I totally regret moving here. I'd much rather pay over $620 for even a studio where I know I'm safe, at peace, and I have privacy and the staff would be professional and tolerable. This place needs some serious work done and so does the staff. It was a nightmare living here I personally think I deserve at least my pet deposit back considering I had to take cold showers all year round. When I mentioned it to the maintenance man he thought it was funny. Screw this place! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!!!!!
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Courtyard Apartments

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