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The Creeks of Hammond Apartment Homes



Prospective Resident · 2014
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Office Staff
Yesterday I made an appointment to go tour these apartments. I woke up late today, but called them to say I would be a little late and they understood. The apartments were fairly east to find and looked beautiful on the outside. When I walked into the main building there was an office to my left with a blonde lady and a brunette lady. They kind if just looked at me and didn't ask me to come in or even to take a seat. I happened to see a sign on the lady's desk that said they need to hold your license to view the apartments so I asked them if they needed it. They said they did and I gave it to them. The blonde lady then asked me if I wanted to see the 2 bed / 2 bath and I said yes. While I was explaining to her my situation (about a roommate) she kind of had a mean smile/ smirk on her face the whole time. That didn't really bother me though. What really bothered me is that she handed me the keys to the apartment I was looking at and told me the number. I had to ask her where it was and then she decided to tell me. She never went with me to tour the apartment. I had to find it on my own (which took me like ten minutes) and then had to figure out which key was the right one to open the door. The inside of the apartment is very nice, but the electricity in there wasn't working so some of the things were dark and harder to see. When I got through looking at the apartment I went back to the office and the lady basically handed me my Id and said have a nice day. She never took me to see the pool or any thing else over there. I had to tell her that I had a few questions and although she did answer them she made me feel stupid when she did. The apartments were amazing and lovely, but the management and service was beyond horrible. Every other apartment I've been too has had someone show me around, and give me prices and floor plans and ask me if I had any questions. I've never had a problem like this before and I hope I never will again.
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The Creeks of Hammond Apartment Homes

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