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Bayou Shadows



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BayouShadows_TheHood • Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/14/2005
For other single females moving to Lafayette -- don't come to Bayou Shadows. I have been here 3 months, from Dallas, and the community has taken a nose-dive. It's noisy, several buildings are ruled by gang bangers, it's not safe & management only gets annoyed if you complain. It is honestly turning into "the hood." <br><br>My neighbor lived here for 8 years and just moved because she was tired of her grandchildren having to listen to the fowl, vulgar language of all the gang-bangers around here.<br><br>Rats, ants & roaches -- everywhere! I have even seen 3 snakes. The apartments are built next to a drainage ditch.<br><br>The walls and ceilings are paper thin - very noisy.<br><br>I feel very unsafe, tried to get out of my lease 3 months early but the office wouldn't let me. I even told the office manager that I suspected my neighbors to be selling drugs. She said, "They probably do." That's the attitude around here by the staff. They aren't concerned because most live elsewhere, or only rent to decent people in their areas. The staff is definitely not there to assist - they're more like prison guards. The management company, Wampold out of Baton Rouge is also neither friendly nor helpful. There is one small deadbolt that locks the front door. The doorknob doesn't even lock. Mgmt won't let you add additional locks to your door. People get broken into here often - both their apts and their vehicles.<br><br>If you're new to the area like I was, try these apts in this order: 1) Crescent 2) Chateau Des Lions 3) Audubon Lakes 4) Peppertree. #1 and 2 are a little pricey, 3 & 4 are reasonable. Just don't get hooked into living in "the hood" aka Bayou Shadows - there is so much crime and cops are called nightly out here. You never get any sleep.
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Bayou Shadows

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