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Mimosa Place Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2008 - 2011 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/01/2011
I've lived in these apartments for 3 years. Please head my advise and know I speak from experiece when I tell you all the horrible conditions at these apartments. 1. No real maintenace guy, so nothing gets fixed and when he does finally come around, he's so unknowledgeable that he never fixes anything right. 2. Trash is everywhere! The grounds are so horribly kept. 3. You pay for it in your rent contract but DO NOT get pest control or 3 month a/c filter changes. I have to unscrew the grate to the loked a/c closet to change my own filter. And I treat my apartment myself for pest, because if I didn't I'de have roaches taking over my place from nieghbors. 4. This place is plain ol' ------! Some units have window units sticking out of thier windows because the a/c's have gone out and said horrible maintenace guy can't fix the a/c's and the complex managers don't want to fork over the money to get new a/c units. 5. Alot of dark spots on the grounds,kinda scary out there at night. A few cars have been broken into and there are ALWAYS people out walking around the premisis. Just an air of unsafe! 6. People cut up/play their music too loud in their cars, apartments with no regard for nieghbors at all hours of the night and day. 7. I had to have my credit checked and go through red tape before I was able to rent here back in 08, but now they surely don't really check on anyone because there are tons of obvious illegals living here. 8. Just do yourself a favor, the low rent price will entice you, but if you can afford a little more in rent PLEASE do not live here. You'll thank me.
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Mimosa Place Apartments

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