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Mimosa Place Apartments



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Office Staff
EeezyMoney • Resident 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 12/06/2012
The roaches are absolutely horrible, I had the unfortunate experience of helping clean out apartments for a discount on my rent, and every single one had MILLIONS of roaches. They have no professional exterminator. The roof of the building I lived in leaked REALLY bad and I could hear the water running thru the wall between my kitchen and bath as if I had left a faucet running. I told the manager and she made the remark that home office would never cough up the money to hire roofers. In the meantime, the apartment underneath me was a "downed unit" (obviously the leak from the roof was flooding this apartment) so I could smell the mold and mildew from the downstairs unit coming from my AC vents. The downed unit also had a window that was busted out so all kinds of bugs and whatever was able to come and go as it pleased. As someone else mentioned there is no maintenance man whatsoever, or at least not while I lived there. Well let me rephrase that, there's a man on the payroll for maintenance, but he's so busy trying to fix up units that people move out of, because no one stays long, that he doesn't have time to fix current residents issues. The manager has no problem talking ill of tenants and her employees behind their backs as well. All in all it's a very toxic environment to live in.
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Mimosa Place Apartments

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