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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/21/2005
My husband and I needed to relocate to the Lafayette/New Iberia area for his job. (It was being relocated after Katrina) Every place we called and/or went to from New Iberia to Lafayette had no vacancies. Peppertree had one 1BR/1BA available for $615/per mo. We have bad credit so we brought his mom as a co-signer. Every other apt complex said they'd definately take a co-signer but Peppertree said "no". So we paid the $90 application fee that they charged to see if we'd be approved. This was at 10am and then we went back to N.O. Around 5pm we got a call for a 3BR/1BA duplex open that we wanted for $650/per mo so we accepted it and I called Peppertree to let them know we weren't interested anymore. They hadn't even processed anything yet much less run our credit reports yet, but they still told me the $90 was non-refundable. Okay, the app fee was $40, the other $50 was the non-refundable deposit portion. How do I owe the $50 non-refundable deposit if I'm not moving in? That has got me confused! And I don't think it's right of any management to keep the app fee from a Katrina victom that has lost both her jobs and her home, much less $90! That wasn't right. I could understand the $40 app fee (even though they should've waived it since they didn't process anything for good faith) but the $50 non-refundable portion of the deposit! How do I owe that if I'm not moving in?! They made $90 off of no work done. Must be nice to be rude & lazy and still make $$. I can't believe someone so close to N.O. would take advantage of a victom like that. Courtney and the other lady in the office w/ blonde hair that sits behind Courtney were very nice. The manager, who never left her office but shouted at Courtney, was a real B***H! She was rude and should be fired! I hope Peppertree feels good about screwing over a Katrina victom! If I wasn't a good person I'd stop payment on that check!
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Peppertree Apartments

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