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Pinewoods Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2011 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/23/2011
Counting down the days until my lease is up because no matter what you can't get out of it. I've never had a problem giving a 30 day notice and forfeiting my deposit to move out of a place before. Well you can forget it over here. You're NOT getting out of the lease, they will hold you liable for rent until someone moves in your unit. I feel like a prisoner in my own little hell hole. That's basically what this place is. Parking is impossible at night, the walls are paper thin and you can hear everything, it literally sounds like a herd of elephants lives above me. Not too long ago there was a breaking and entering and a guy was held at gunpoint, I've had to call the police because of fights at night. I've seen undercover police hold a guy at gunpoint right outside of his unit. It's basically a glorified ------. Not too mention there is a strong smoke smell that I can only guess is somehow trapped inside of my AC unit from years of people smoking in the unit. So everytime I run my AC it smells like an ashtray in my place. I will be jumping for joy the day I move out of this place.....I'm not even worried about getting my deposit back anymore because from what I've read they will find any little thing wrong with the place so they can keep it. This place is a ripoff for the price you pay. Do yourself a favor and save yourself from the hell that is Pinewoods.
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Pinewoods Apartments

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