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The Crescent at River Ranch



Resident · 2005
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Office Staff
I was a resident at the Crescent for 6 months. After I moved in I started noticing a discoloration around the baseboard of my walk-in shower. I reported this to property management and was told that my entire (ceramic)shower would have to be replaced. The process allegedly would take 3 days. First of all, the process took a week. Also, I would leave for work in the morning and when I would come back, my apartment would be a MESS! The renovation workers were obviously using my toilet (stains were left in my toilet and on the seat of my toilet) and using my kitchen. It was digusting....I have never seen anything like this in my life. After they finished renovating my apartment it was left a MESS! I was responsible for cleaning the debris and grime that was left behind. <br><br>My rent was close to $1300.00 a month and I am here to tell you that it is NOT WORTH IT!!!!<br>There are a lot of better apartments in the Lafayette area. <br><br>I also felt the property management team was not as pleasant as other property management teams that I have experienced. They often had an attitude when you called them about stuff. <br><br>I was excited to move when my lease was up. I hated the apartment complex. I hated the management staff too! <br><br>Before someone settles on this property...PLEASE.....look around for a better complex.
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The Crescent at River Ranch

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