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The Crescent at River Ranch



Resident · 2006
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Office Staff
I emailed them no less than FIVE TIMES, as well as left messages on their answering machine. My husband had accepted a position in Lafayette and we needed to relocate cross-country in a hurry. NO ONE from The Crescent ever returned my calls/responded to my e-mails. Now, we're not some flighty, lower-income couple, nor are we students. We are double-income, educated, highly compensated professionals. As it turns out, the incompetent, rude staff at The Crescent actually blessed us -- we are now renting a beautiful house in a fantastic, upscale part of Lafayette, and will be buying a house within six months. Additionally, now that I know (and have personally viewed) where The Crescent is located, it turns out our blessing is tenfold. I wouldn't touch it with a ten-foot pole. The Crescent is located in a cheesy, grossly overpriced, overdeveloped community (River Ranch) in Lafayette -- picture an urban planner's worst suburban nightmare. You have miles and miles of nothing, and then, in the middle of a field, River Ranch springs forth, trying to imitate the French Quarter of New Orleans. LOL! And what do you pay for the houses in this ugly development? No less than $256 per square foot. C'mon, greedy River Ranch developers. We're not talking the amenities, culture, and ambience of New York City, Washington, D.C., San Diego, or San Francisco, here. It's freaking LAFAYETTE, LOUISIANA. Oh, and the best part? The infrastructure (roadways) from the heart of Lafayette to this dump is horrendous.<br><br>No, thanks, River Ranch and The Crescent. We'll stick to the Oil Center. You're merely a nouveau riche, garish eyesore. :-)
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The Crescent at River Ranch

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