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Cypress Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/27/2006
Trust me, you DO NOT want to live here. I just moved out from living there for 13 months. Very loud, trashy place. Many people hanging out in the parking lots every night and knocking on your door and busting car windows. I moved out and went to the office to see if I owed anything. Melete Terry told me that I didn't owe anything and to just drop the keys off. I moved out and TWO MONTHS later, I get a phone call from the collection agency saying that I owe them $315. I did not leave on bad terms, and I did not owe any money. I went to the office and spoke to Dedra Shruggs, the manager, she was very rude to me, yelled at me in front of residents told me to get a lawyer and she was not speaking to me and kicked me out of the office. To me that is not professional at all and I still have no idea where the charges came from. The paper says that my carpet was stained and they had to professinally clean it. There was NOTHING wrong with the carpet, I always kept it very clean. That was just ONE thing. I am NOT prejudice, but if you are white, do NOT live there. 90% of the residents are ------ black people that play the music loud at all hours of the night and nothing gets done about it. Everyone in the office in black. I moved out at the same time a black girl did under the SAME EXACT circumstances. She did not get charged anything and NEVER got a bill but I did. Something just isn't right. Whatever you do, DO NOT live here. It's terrible!!!!!
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Cypress Apartments

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