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Nelson Pointe Apartments



Resident · 2014
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Office Staff
Where do I even begin to start with writing this review?... I'll start by saying that my boyfriend & I had just moved down from Louisiana, within TWO weeks of being in our 1st apartment; we got flooded. We had to live in a hotel for a week, during the night of the flood we packed up and checked into our hotel. The following morning we decided to go back to our apartment and check out the aftermath the flood had caused. Nelson Pointe failed to let us know these random people entered our apartment and had torn out the carpet and threw it right out front of our patio!! Not only was the carpet thrown out on the grass in front of our patio, it sat there for days. We had spoken to the "manager" of the company who removed the carpet and he said we'd be able to go back inside our apartment within two days. We thought okay no big deal, we'll just stay in a hotel for two more days and then get to go home, NOT THE CASE! We kept checking back on the status of our apartment to see if it was ready and it wasn't. To make matters worse, this was during the summer so hotels were booked. We had to stay at two different hotels because the first one wouldn't let us add days to book. Nelson Pointe ended up having a community meeting for those who were flooded out. Clearly, they did not care that much about what the flood has done because all they did was pro-rate everyone's rent. After the meeting, we went back to our apartment to gather more clothes for the hotel. As we looked around our apartment, our NEW furniture was thrown around and had footprints and handmarks on the couch. Our brand new coffee table had been peeling on the bottom from them moving it around; and our brand new bed spread had tears in it and stains. We let the lady at the office know about it and she wrote it down and said she'd get back to us, and never did. Since our apartment had been taking longer then expected to move back in, Nelson gave us the option to end our lease or transfer to a different unit. We decide to transfer because it would be cheaper. We had talked to the lady from the office about getting an upstairs apartment, my boyfriend had the car for work so therefore I was in a hotel by myself so the office lady and I had to talk over the phone about the new unit we'd be renting out. That night my boyfriend got off from work and went to sign the new lease and get the keys, we walked all around the complex looking for the new apartment unit. Then to our surprise, the lady had the office completely screwed up and gave us a downstairs unit. I called her the next morning and told her we wanted the upstairs unit and that she messed up and she apologized and said the upstairs unit was rented out already. Now we have horrible neighbors above us who do nothing but pound and stomp and slide chairs around. We called the office and all they did was talk to the woman, and basically told my boyfriend and I that they can't do anything from 6 a.m - 10 p.m. We've called the office about 4 times, went in and talked to them 2 times and called the after hours hotline 3 times, the courtesy office hasn't came once to check out the noise level. We tried giving the lady upstairs a chance because we had felt bad that her and her child were flooded out as well. The noise level is so bad that it echoes throughout the whole apartment. We take the broom and bang on the ceiling but that just quiets them down a little. And at night when we want to go to bed the pounding is right above our room. It's so embarrassing that we don't have company over because the stomping is obnoxious. And honestly, paying almost 1200$ a month in rent to listen to them pound is not worth it, and I cannot wait for our lease to end. Sorry for the long story but I felt like other viewers needed to be aware of this horrible apartment complex. They over charge, the noise level is unbearable, they only care about getting their money, oh and not to mention that you could have a chance of getting infested with spiders. For the price of what Nelson charges you might as well rent a house or stay at West M apartments.
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Nelson Pointe Apartments

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