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Country Manor Apartments



Resident · 2009
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Office Staff
I'm a travel nurse & this is the apt. my company put me up in due to short notice & only location they could find to accept my cat. The day I moved in there was no lid on the toilet tank, the toilet wobbles every time you sit on it. There are water stains all over the toilet, sink, & tub due to the brownish colored water. The bathroom cabinet were missing drawers. The toilet seat that was too large for the toilet had water damage all over that we replaced it ourselves in fear of sitting on it. There is a huge crack in the bottom of the bathtub that has been patched multiple times but continues to get larger. There are no screws in the knobs for the shower so you can't tighten the knobs & the water drips badly. The towel rack falls off the wall. The light fixtures were missing globes. Under the kitchen sink there was so much water damage that is dry now, but has just been covered up w/drawer liner. You can't put anything under there, it is sunken in so bad everything will fall over. I can't even begin to image what is growing under the kitchen sink or bathtub as far as mold & fungus goes. The water heater only holds enough water to get about 8-10 minutes of hot water in the shower. The touch up paint job was so poor that the light switch plates were just rolled over & never cleaned up. They attempted to spruce the place up by having an accent wall in the living room, but it looks like they never bothered to tape off the surrounding walls. The molding is held on w/duct tape around the front door. They have 1 poor maintenance guy to try & take care of 200 something apt's & they don't return phone calls. My travel agency has called repeatedly, as well as sent e-mails w/no response. There is dog feces everywhere, including in the middle of the parking lots, so unless you live towards the back of the complex you better get used to the odor. They have 4 dumpsters for your garbage, that is if you can get to it because the garbage gets pilled so high in the middle of the walk way to it. I would not live here unless living in your car is your only other option!!!
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Country Manor Apartments

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