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Country Manor Apartments



Resident · 2013
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Office Staff
These SMALL apartments are super expensive for the poor quality apartments and poor management. We've been here for a couple months and we been having bad luck with the apartment. Out of three power outlets in three power outlets in the kitchen only one works even after we switched the breakers on and off. Yeah the dish network in included in the rent but the channels suck and its whatever they chose. I forget what you call that stuffing for the vent is but its coming out and that's dangerous because everytime we turn the air or heat on we are breathing in the fiber glass within that stuffing and I have a two year old plus I'm two months pregnant. First day of living there our toilet clogged up. We been hearing mice eating through the walls, they even came tough the dining room ceiling already. I heard it like the first couple of weeks and I reported it to management and they lady goes well that's odd because thats the first time I've heard that. But guess what the apartment adjacent to us has a bunch of mice droppings and dead flys inside near the window sill. They've only mowed my all the lawns once since we've lived there (3 months). Oh and one night we were grilling outside with our neighbors and we saw a mouse try through run through this hole on the bottom of our house. Yeah my hubby killed it told management and they we basically like what do you want us to do about it. Their maintenance guy came over and gave ME the mouse traps. REALLy! And you work there why? Soooo with all my complaints we tried to break the lease and she said I had to pay full payment. REALLY. You want me to live in these conditions for another three months. No way. I'm from Cali that state is more strict when it comes to anything. Especially my town of San Francisco. I had to break my lease because I wanted to save rent money because its really expensive out there and all they did was keep my deposite, but I couldn't do it at this apartment. Of course she doesn't care about the most military people that live there she just wants the money. So with all that said I moved onpost and we told them why we moved out of country manor and they said if you had mice we would take care of it asap. If you are unhappy with your living conditions they will gladly move you to a different house and I was picky with the house and they gave me what I wanted. Fort Polk may be boring but the housing office and the people that work there are the best. And I'm living in an area where its family and kid friendly. The parks are huge not like a wannabe playground thay they have at country manor with the wood falling a part that it would be so easy to get a splinter. If you move to fort Polk move on post. This is my second time being stationed out here and on post is well worth your bah. Beware of country manor in Leesville, la. You have been warned.
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Country Manor Apartments

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