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6301 Ackel Street, Metairie, LA 70003
6301 Ackel Street, Metairie, LA 70003

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Bellemont Apartment Homes



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Office Staff
Resident 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 12/28/2013
When I originally called my first question was about the security they had and they said they had security guards, locked gates, and cameras, THEY DO NOT HAVE ANY OF THIS! The day I was supposed to move in is the day they went and made sure the apartment was ready for me to move in, which it wasn't, the carpet was filthy and the refridgerator smelled like dead fish. They told me they would have the carpet cleaned that day and get a new fridge so I couldn't move in but I had to sign the lease so they got me out of about $30. I went to move in and the fridge was the same one it took a week to get a new one so I had to throw all of my refrigerated groceries away. After about a month of being here I started seeing roaches about 3 a day, my apt is very clean I might add. I called to have the pest control come and for THREE WEEKS in a row they 'forgot' to add my apt to the list every time I'd call and tell them that nobody showed up they would argue with me and tell me that I was wrong, even though I was there all day. Finally they came and it didn't work, so for the past month I've been calling almost everyday trying to get the whole building exterminated they told me I have to wait until February, when I finally did speak to the manager which is like pulling an arm and a leg. Other than that, when I moved in there was no basket for silverware in the diswasher and for a month they told me they ordered one, when they finally delivered it, it was dirty and beat up, clearly used they were just too lazy to bring me one when I asked. Then I have a hole in my wall that has mold in it, I called on the 12th and they never came I waited until the 16th and called back, they told me that it must have been misplaced. The maintnance man came and duck taped a piece of card board to cover it and I haven't heard from them since. The ceiling fell out in the parking garage where sheetrock, mold, and water covered the ground and it stayed like that for a month and some, I called to tell them and they'd say they already knew. The dumpsters are always full of mattresses and overloading with garbage. There's about 30 cats living on the property. The laundry facility has been out of order for 4 months. This apartment complex is lazy and disgusting and the women that work in the front office are rude incompitent workeres. I would strongly suggest you find somewhere else to live.
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Bellemont Apartment Homes

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