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Bellemont Apartment Homes



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Office Staff
Resident 2014 - 2015 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/13/2015
Where do I start !!! First off we was forced to move in because once we paid the app fee she told us it only last 30 days so we moved in before Christmas me & my boyfriend moved in December 17th 2014 paid the first mth rent did everything we was suppose to do. The first night the toilet didn't work !! The next day it took thm until 7pm to fix the toilet at this time I'm 6 almost 7 mths pregnant so I had to go in& out the office to use thr bathroom. Once thy fixed the toilet thy left my bathroom A MESS(pic below) I had to clean it all up in order to shower etc that night. The next day Cox cable come, that was another issue I was charged 140$ to install cable because the apartment was never cable ready ( thy claim it was a brand new apartment LIES) I had to go into the office to ask permission to install the cable, the black lady to the left gave me SO much attitude even after the manager said it was okay ! Once again I'm almost 7mths pregnant so it was very unhealthy for me to be arguing with a nonfactor ! She was very rude & it was unnecessary!! So after I got hit with a 300$ cable bill. The shower hot water doesn't work so me & my boyfriend had to take a cold shower plus the shower handle fell off wasn't screwed in at all! Thy claim to have fixed that but it took a while plus the Hot water was NEVER HOT WATER! The bathroom shower wasn't put together correctly!(pics below) The front door look like it was kicked in at one point we also mentioned that to the office & nothing was DONE! So after a while I got tired of going back & forth to the office it was becoming stressful! Thy only allow 1parking spot per apartment so my boyfriend parked in visitor parking well he went to California for 3weeks and his car didn't move because I have my own car plus I'm 7mths pregnant I didn't do a lot of unnecessary walking I went to work & home! In that time of him being gone thy towed his car(Yes he's on the lease) claim it wasn't moved in over a mth LIES! The manager LIES a lot. So I paid 162$ to get his car back . No thy did not offer to pay me back nor did she show any sympathy. She told property one that she put 2 weeks on the sticker of his car LIES (pic below). After that she told me it was in the lease that she can tow his car LIES she couldn't even show me where !!! After that the air doesn't work in the apartment. It was one things after another. Every time I came home my assigned parking spot was taken but thy claim to take it very seriously. To top it all off our apartment was broken into while we was sleep ! At this time I'm 8mths pregnant so my stress level is at a all time HIGH!! Once again NO sympathy at ALL! This has all happened in 2 1/2 mths. SO YES WE PACKED UP THAT DAY & MOVE!! No we did not pay thm a dime we did what we was suppose to do from day one thy didn't derserve anymore of our money!! This complex is ------, Nasty& should be shut down ! It's not safe at all, young children hanging around in the parking garage all night loud music! 10 different maintenance man coming in & out it made me nervous!! The people in the office LIE& give off so much attitude! DO NOT MOVE HERE!! This place deserve 0 stars!!
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