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Obadiah Stephenson
Resident · 2015
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
OmFg if only man.. if only I didn't have to leave at least one star. This is by far the worst apartment complex in Metairie besides the other one I heard about on riverside! If you want acid yeah you heard me ACID poured all over car without a motive, nasty smells from the only 4 dumpsters 2 on each side of the entire complex that's constantly filled beyond measure (Keep in mind there are at least 500+ people staying here at night that probably aren't even on the lease), some residents have to drive with there trash on there car to the dumpster just to save themselves an inconvenient distant walk, people just sitting outside but never seeing or hearing anything corrupt happening, maintenance guys taking forever to fix something broken & if they fix something be prepared to clean up after them , a stove that doesn't work, a washer & dryer that doesn't work properly making lots of noise, a tub that feels like sandpaper while standing or sitting in it & heres plus you can't even wash your hair in it, outlets that do not work at all, neighbors that sit outside everyday gossiping while watching every move you make & there isn't even a porch nor balcony in some areas, extremely tiny living spaces, management that rather to argue than to find a solution for their faults, gates that are always broken allowing non-residents in, people that do hit & run jobs on your car which happened to my car while it was parked, unlimited parking for who ever can grab a spot even if they don't stay there, filthy pools, EXSPEN$IVE rent to expensive for this poorly maintained property, hearing leaf blowers every freaking morning that will wake you up, leaves being blown on and or towards car your car with ease p.s. "Let's hope you didn't wash it", & speed bumps that would total a factory lowered car & I have 2 BMW's (E46) (E90) that scrap on the bottom ever time you rollover one! I HATE it here, I HATE it so bad I'm breaking my lease?
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