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Grand Vida



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Office Staff
Resident 2010 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/18/2012
This was honestly the worst place I've ever lived, I don't even know where to start. Let's start with the security gate. The gate rarely worked and when the electric went down, you would be stuck in the complex. I asked the leasing manager how to open it in that situation and she said she didn't know. The landscaping is awful. There is trash everywhere, they never plant new flowers, the pool area is run down with broken chairs that weren't replaced in the year and half I was living there. There were times that the pool was green, and I mean glowing green, for days and I had to call management to have it cleaned. My bathing suit actually faded completely from being in that pool. In some places, there is sand instead of grass and cats use it as a bathroom. No one cleans up after their pets so the grounds generally just have an unpleasant smell. The "rec room," as advertised is an abandoned building with boards up all around it. Creepy and very unattractive. Children run around all day, climbing over the gates to the pool, and swimming without parental supervision. I notified the office several times and it never really helped. People would smoke in the laundry room and you could always smell marijuana in the air. Outside my front door, part of the wood ceiling fell down. Wood and rusted nails were all over the steps. No one cleaned it up for a week after I called. They say that there is a pet policy but everyone has pitbulls, and they walk them without a leash. I asked management about it because I have a 5 lb dog, and she said to notify her and when I see someone if I could follow them and see what apartment they lived in. Am I getting paid for this? Isn't this your job? The worst part was in my apartment, the air conditioner leaked constantly. I can't tell you how many times I would call, the maintenance workers (who barely spoke English) would stay for 5 minutes and then say it was fixed. There were multiple times that it would start leaking again in the same night. Countless towels were ruined because I had to clean up the water and even after washing them they smelled. There was mold growing on the walls because of water damage. I have pictures to prove all of this too. This was a huge inconvenience to me. Twice, I had relatives visiting from out of state and it started leaking. It's not only embarrassing but unacceptable that in a year and a half, the problem couldn't be fixed. After all the problems I've dealt with, they're now trying to charge me thousands of dollars for miscellaneous charges, some that aren't even true. I actually asked to have a number to the corporate office and an address, and was told by the leasing manager that she didn't know it. How do you work for someone and don't have a contact number? Who writes your paycheck? Not only will I be sending corporate a certified letter, I will also be contacting the Better Business Bureau. If this needs to get settled in the courtroom, then so be it. Please, if you read this before deciding to move in, DON'T DO IT!! It's the dirtiest, loudest, and most poorly run apartment complex I've ever seen. Management does nothing for you and has no care for your concerns or problems. But you better believe, if your check isn't in there by 5pm EXACTLY on the 3rd of the month...you'll be getting a late fee. They want your money but you're paying to live in the environment that is advertised online. It's their responsibility to keep things livable and fix issues in a timely manner, and they, by no means, live up to that responsibility. I'm paying a little less now, and living in a much nicer place. I don't hear people screaming at night, or smoking marijuana, or blasting loud music. I wouldn't wish living in this place on my enemy. I bet the management wouldn't even live there if they didn't get discounted or free rent. Truly a terrible place to live.
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Grand Vida

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