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Office Staff
Resident 2015 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/16/2015
Let me start off by saying the first impression of the manger was pretty bad. Extremely disrespectful and rude. A complete joke of so called "management". The apartment was pretty gross when i first moved in, as well as bathroom switches not working. Paint was chipping off the walls. I've had roaches a few times regardless of the manager "fixed situation". The common areas are also filthy and resemble a cheap motel. My neighbors were pretty loud. next door neighbor was some Mexican lady who somehow could talk from the moment i got home till the moment i tried to sleep. Also somewhere on the floor above me are people constantly fighting, sounds like domestic abuse. You can hear everyone talking by their yelling vibrating through the walls. I've heard gun shots a few times. Also to top of all this, when i try to complain to the workers about trying to fix something i have wrong they all don't understand a single word out of my mouth.... I wouldn't be surprised if none of them have green cards. Also the "Gated" part is a complete joke as well. People usually just sit in there car and wait till someone else drives past to open the gate so they can all hurry and rush in... Also had a few times some wanna be thugs standing by the gate trying to get in and as soon as it automatically opened they all run in... Pretty sketchy. I would highly not recommend this place to anyone.
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