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Audubon Pointe of Algiers



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Office Staff
Soma • Resident 2000 - 2002 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/15/2005
I lived there from 2000-2002 and they were the best years of my life. I could walk around at night alone and feel safe(in maple leaf but not surrounding area..) and the people(except for a few, the staff and the crackheads) were warm and friendly. <br><br>Ok so it's ------. There were mushrooms growing on my ceiling and the back door didn't lock. My mom's car alarm went off twice luckily scaring away the thieves. Everytime it rained it flooded inside and we ran around putting towels at the doors and windows. The place was crawling with cockroaches. There were fights and nobody would deliver pizza on the street. Every night the police patrolled the street, the mail box was taken away cus the kids kept putting dirty diapers in it, and two teenagers from maple leaf shot the women at the corner store in the stomach(thank God she's alive)A block away I had a knife held on me over $2. (I gave the crackhead the $2 and they ran off)<br><br>Before this I lived in the suburbs, in Canada. I shudder when I wonder if I would've ended up a valley-girl suburban type if I stayed up there. Maple Leaf gave my family character I think. And I met wonderful people there. <br><br>My brother visited New Orleans in Spring 2005 and said he heard Maple Leaf was torn down? And they have a place called 'audubon ..' instead? Anyone know about this? <br><br>I'd never go back because it's simply not the same. There was community there before, but since the gov't had the brilliant idea of tearing down the projects before proper replacement housing was finished, and putting the residents in other ghettos(like MLP - maple leaf projects), crime soared in Maple Leaf. The people coming in had loyalties to their now destroyed projects, no loyalties to MLP. There was a lot of hostility and one by one, quickly, everyone I knew there left. I moved to Montreal and my family moved to Toronto soon after. <br><br>I should say that the first day of moving in, one of the staff(manager?) who was supposed to show us our home was too upset to, because she'd found the body of an old woman who killed herself(God rest her soul) after her parents died. So we came back a week later. The carpets were wet, we had to wear sandals inside...I found blood stains in the dining room and on the stairs. So I guess we know what house we got, the one the lady died in no doubt. We moved into another house across the street about 2 months later..<br><br>Regardless, I've got fond memories...
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Audubon Pointe of Algiers

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