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Mark Twain II



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vrp · 2013 - 2015
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Office Staff
DO NOT MOVE HERE!! I lived here for almost 2 yrs and had issues 90% of the time. 1st a silverfish infestation. The things were in our bed, on the sofa, up and down the floors and walls.. my daughter at the time was only a year old.. smh. We lived in the convenient apt for an entire mth before the ofc agreed to allow us to move into another unit. Finally moved.. soon started with more maintenance issues.. loss of hot water in the middle of winter.. for a week or so at a time!! I had to rush hm and boil water just so I could bathe my child. Couldn't was dishes, clothes, our hair, nothing!! Felt like I lived in a third world country!! Then the A/C started going out. In fact 3-4x before they finally agreed to let me out of my lease. Put us in a hotel the first time, second time we had to sleep in that hot apt. It was almost 80 degrees in the apt that night. Third time, maintenance claimed to adjust the freon.. didn't work.. they never agreed to replace the unit. I'm certain the next tenant will have the same problem. Ridiculous! The staff is also very clueless. They have a high turnover.. can never keep the same people in the office. The only way to get your maintenance tickets resolved is to keep calling them and ask for the ofc mgr. Why have people work in your office that can't successfully handle your ofc? Bte, you can hear your neighbors use the bathroom, cook, "in the sack ", everythg! SAVE YOUR MONEY, TRUST ME!!
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Mark Twain II

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