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Mark Twain II



Resident · 2009 - 2013
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Office Staff
Mark Twain II, part of the Tonti family. It has a nice ring to it. Well, my friends, I must say that this complex can consider itself my closest enemy and my worst friend. Through the 4 years that I have resided here, I have received poor service through the office personnel and the rude management staff. Let me not generalize in that statement because it is not ALL of the workers that have poor customer service quality, but the ones that do certainly stand out. Not only is the majority of the staff unhelpful, but the grounds are entirely unsafe. Since residing here, I have had 3 instances of vandalism to my personal property and have had a $300 bike stolen from its lock on my porch. You might say, "Well, Ms. Writer, why have you not moved out?" This has a simple answer to it. I am a college student with an anemic wallet and little prospect of finding a more affordable place to live. Otherwise, I would have fled from here 3 years ago. Fellow residents are friendly (when they choose to be). However, when in need of help, prepare to do everything on your own because help will not come. Construction crews only add to the insecure feeling you get when walking across the grounds. While residents appreciate a nice spruce up, having metal, nails, and miscellaneous objects heaved to the ground from high above is simply uncalled for. I have never felt so unappreciated in any residence before. If you choose to stay here, prepare yourself for these things. Otherwise, choose a nice hole to live in, and it will suit you far better than this overwhelmingly terrible structure they consider an "apartment complex". Feel free to dip your feet in if you must, but be cautious and aware of all of the information I have provided you here. Hopefully, your experience will be far less traumatic. Best of luck to you and yours.
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Mark Twain II

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