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Mark Twain II



Resident · 2014 - 2016
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
I thought this complex was wonderful when we first moved in! The grounds were pretty, the pools were clean, parking was close to the units. Never really had a problem for the first couple of months. I think my biggest ongoing complaint is the security gates NEVER work properly. They're almost always just open. This is a serious problem when strange neighborhood kids come to use the pools in the summer. Beware of this especially at night. Also, I wouldn't move here if you have an aversion to weed smoke, as it seems to drift into every nook and cranny from the apartment above/below you. Another major problem is the noise. You can hear if a spoon hits the carpet above you. You can hear the brawny couple fight for hours and then "make-up" below you. The appliances are SO outdated. I really think they're older than I am. The oven thermostat has been broken since we moved in, and a new one "on order." So basically anytime you turn the oven on, no matter the degree setting, it will scorch the hell outta your pizza rolls. My dishwasher also leaks about a gallon and a half of sudsy water anytime it's turned on. The management rarely stickers or removes broken down or abandoned cars, which can be a problem when you're trying to park late at night or on weekends. It was stated nowhere in my lease that I would need a kayak to get from my vehicle to my apartment anytime it rains for more than an hour. Seriously, watch out, because the water gets knee-deep in the east/rear parking area (against the levee). Most small sedans can't make it through, even to exit. Lately there's been a major plumbing problem, causing the family below us to have to vacate their apartment. Also causing my water to be cut off with no notice for hours at extremely inconvenient times. I've also personally experienced the runoff from my A/C unit backing up into my apartment and going days without being fixed. Don't even get me started on the silverfish that fall onto you when you unfold a shirt from your closet. Lastly, the management. Or lack thereof. The office manager herself has been very nice when I've dealt with her. So has the assistant manager. The riffraff they pull in off the street to answer phones, however is cause for concern. There is one girl in the office who is so rude to every tenant. On multiple occasions when I've called she's answered the phone and has REFUSED to let me speak to anyone else or the manager. Claiming she's the only one there or so-and-so is on the other phone. She will yell over you when you try to explain a problem. She will pretend to put in work orders but not actually submit them, then accuse you of never calling in the first place. She is a plague to the functionability of this apartment complex. Things break, neighbors argue, plumbing emergencies happen. But when you have an office worker who could care less, it's the most frustrating thing. Beware of this apartment complex and it's pretty face. Once you're in here, you'll find it harder and harder to leave, since they up the rent at least $60 every leading period. I cannot wait to leave this place and eliminate all of the stress it has caused me. I would not recommend this place to anyone unless it was an absolute necessity.
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Mark Twain II

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