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Resident · 2009 - 2010
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Office Staff
I moved in September of 2009 with my roommate. We were treated nicely before we signed our lease. Then we found out that we had been lied to. We did not know The Marquis were low income/income based apartments. The leasing agent told us our gross income combined had to be 3x's the monthly rent in order to qualify and be approved (in addition to a credit and background check). It was after we signed the lease (but prior to move in) did we find out that the rental rate was income based. When I asked the leasing agent about it she replied "Oh, well you wouldn't have qualified anyway and there is a waiting list" (but the building we moved into had a lot of vacancies, they were in the process of opening another building, and there were people that came in after us that got cheaper rental rates) Apparently, that strategy was a common practice for them. After speaking with a few residents about it they didn't know that some of their neighbors were paying less than half of the advertised rental rate either. The Marquis also advertised the apartments as having 24 hour security. But I rarely saw a cop in the parking lot. The gym is only open during their business hours, but that's only useful to their income based paying tenants who are home all day while everyone else is working to pay their rent. We lived in the apartment for 2 months using cold water and all the staff could say was, "we can't do anything about it" (supposedly some sort of code restricted hotter water - but after enough of consistent complaints they found out they messed up). The office never apologized and it took them a week just to get the maintenance guy in to fix the problem in our apartment. It was very unpleasant showering in cold water especially when it's cold outside. We had a major ant problem that we repeatedly called about until we fixed the problem ourselves. Our apartment had major electrical issues. The burners on the stove didn't work, the fan over the stove didn't work correctly, the ceiling fan in the master bedroom would spontaneously turn off and on. It took them 6 months to get the gate working. It's not a gated apartment if the gates are always open...The office staff is very rude especially the office manager. I believe the office manager is racist. If she doesn't like you she will pick with you, because she has an inferiority complex. There was a guy smoking weed in the stairwell at 7am. Trash all over the parking garage. Like hair grease containers and combs!!! It took them forever to get the trash chutes working. The corporate office isn't any help either. They direct the concerns to the district manager. And the district manager sides with the office staff. She is never empathetic regarding any concerns that are addressed to her. She will call you from a blocked number, because she does not want you to be able to reach her if needed. Maintenance does come into your apartment without notice. Once the office manager came snooping through our apartment while my roommate was home (she was in her room and she thought it was me in the living room). I believe whoever they hired to do construction at the time we moved in staffed immigrants. I couldn't communicate with any of the maintenance guys hanging out by my window because they didn't speak English! This place was built in a hurry. I don't know how they passed any inspections. The inspectors must have been in a hurry also (or maybe they were slipped a tip). I DO NOT RECCOMEND LIVING HERE!!! Our apartment looked beautiful on the surface, but it wasn't worth it. Especially having a neighbor who gets a break on the rent!!!
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