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Resident · 2011
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Office Staff
40% of the people who live here are low income. We spend over a $1,000.00 to live in the same apartment that someone else lives in for a fraction of the price. There is constant noise from outside which is from the sea food destitution trucks and you can hear everyone walking around above you. The walls are built nicely, but the floors and ceilings were not. Trash seems to always back up in the trash room which each floor has, so ignorant people just let it pile up and stinks up the entire floor. There is only one elevator per building that is the slowest elevator I have ever been on and if you use the stairs, you are faced with vomit at least once a week, usually on a weekend. During the summer, you will find that people who do not even reside at the apartment will be swimming and I have witnessed on numerous accounts floating beer cans and trash in the water and on the pool deck. The gate seems to always be broken which allows for anyone to drive in and park. The security is very limited. Good thing is that after 10:00pm you have to use your key fob to gain access to the elevator. But the door to the stairs have a manual code has been broken since I have moved in for the past six months. At any given time you will have to put up with people who don't care about socity and the people who live here roaming the halls and common areas. Do Not...I say again, Do Not move here, that is unless if you want to live beside the county jail and on the boarder of the projects of New Orleans. Can not wait to leave this hell hole.
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