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Resident · 2011
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Office Staff
I have been living in these apartments for over a year. The apartments are pleasing to look at, but that is where the pleasure train stops. There have been problems since I moved in such as trash being backed up for several floors in the shoot, filthy hallways and elevators, safety and security issues, a faulty fire alarm system, and inadequate access for emergency fire vehicles. While these are all problematic issues, the biggest problem in these apartments is the staff in the front office. Before I go on, I must clarify that the maintenance staff has been extremely helpful in assisting me. The problem has been a rude and inconsiderate property manager, who had trouble telling the truth, and her staff (one of whom has replaced her as property manager but is still perpetuating the same ill treatment of tenants). I have a number of grievances concerning the front office, including the property manager hanging up on me because we disagreed on a particular topic, but I must say the worst has been having to go to them about a noise issue with the neighbors above me. These neighbors make noises which resemble bowling balls being dropped on and rolled across the floor. When I spoke to management about the noise, nothing was done. The noisy neighbors above let me know that management told them to place ear plugs on their door for me to use, which they did. I was quite insulted. When I spoke to the management, they swore they said no such thing. When I received no assistance after weeks of the disruptive noise at all hours of the day and night, I resulted to calling the corporate office. It was only then that they took any sort of action, coming over to my apartment to see if they could hear the noise. They informed me that the noise they heard was not disruptive. When I explained to them that this was not the type of noise I have complaints about, I was told that there is nothing they will do to help being that they didn't hear what I hear daily. I told them that it occurs in spurts and that it is quite horrible at 10 and 11 o'clock at night and in the early hours of the morning. They told me that they do not live here and cannot help me after hours. They went further to imply that I was lying because they didn't hear "excessive noise" in the five or so minutes that they were in my apartment. When I called back to discuss this, I was told by the property manager that all she would do was come back to my apartment, but that she would not provide any information or really speak to me about the topic because I had called the corporate office. She let me know that since I had gotten them involved she would not help me. She told me that I had called corporate and let me know that if I wanted any assistance, I should call them back. I have been disrespected and mistreated for some time in these apartments now. I wish no ill will towards these people or their bosses, but I do not recommend this complex to anyone.
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