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Resident · 2010 - 2011
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Office Staff
Don't move here. The office staff has to be the most miserable collection of human beings on earth! They are in no way interested in any problems residents may have - they are here for one reason -to sit on their big a**es collecting rent checks! I can't tell you how miserable and condescending the useless staff are. Half the residents are hard working professionals paying way too much to live here, the rest are all section 8 paying nothing - they dump their garbage everywhere, smoke weed all over the property, and leave beer bottles all in hallways etc. The noise is horrible, if it isn't rap music blaring at two am, it's screaming parties on balconies or ------ domestic disturbances in the halls. I've seen doors in this place kicked in. This is one thing and one thing only - a cash cow corporate apartment, a modern ------. And the miserable hags that run the office don't want to hear what you think of it. If I could do it over I would secretly record how fake nice they were when we moved in, then I would record them after, when I complain that there is trash in hallways or a ------ balcony party at two am and I'd put their worthless response on youtube! I want my money back! And yes, other comments were correct - place is falling apart! Dump.
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