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Resident · 2010 - 2012
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Like many apartments the Marquis has its good qualities and it's bad qualities. It's easy to see this from reading the previous posts. The experiences for one tenant differ from the next for several reasons. First there are 3 buildings. When these apartments first began leasing tenants were grouped on whether they paid market rate or an income based rate. If you happened to pay market rate you stayed in a building that was a quieter and you were amongst a different type of clientele; mostly students and professionals. However, if you qualified for income based rate than your building was often noisy. Smelling weed in the hallway, parties/disturbances on the balconies, hallways, and parking lot are common for the building with most of this clientele being housed there. If you look around and realize you're in the wrong section of town then you probably just got put there. If this is the only unit or space available then that's where you went. Over the years the building has improved. This is due to continued rate increases causing many residents to move especially those who really couldn't afford to be there anyway. It seems like many residents are involved in the community events and there is a neighborhood feeling to the complex. The staff are generally approachable and nice. The maintenance workers don't seem to slack and always seem to be earnestly working. However, the building does have a mouse/rodent issue. The exterminator seems to constantly be moving these large industrial size traps around. I've heard mice in the air ducts and maybe in my kitchen and I've seen one pop out of a hallway air vent. The building seems attractive with hardwood floors and generous square footage.. But there are cracks in the walls near the ceiling, cracks in the balcony floors, voids in the windows that cause water damage when it rains, faulty piping, and noisy rooftop equipment that can seem to make your whole apartment shake and hum like you live in a factory. There's also heavy construction going on next door with the building of the new criminal justice center. By the way you live across from a prison in a city with the worse crime rating in the country. Not to worry you also live near University,Tulane, and Ochsner-Baptist hospitals which is convenient if you're in the medical field, a victim of crime, or enjoy hearing ambulance sirens throughout the night. If this apartment is convenient for work or affordable and the risks sound minimal then this might be okay for you. When you view the apartment look at the structure of the building and multiply the noise by 5. Have good renters insurance and take care to dress nicely so you won't be treated like an income based renter (even if you are). Like I said the staff are nice but I've seen some tenants and interested renters not be "welcomed" in the way others have. Expect snags in the beginning of your lease. Buy mouse traps. Also there is NO assigned parking for tenants. Visitors are just asked to not park in the garage area.
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