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Citrus Creek West Apartments



Former Resident · 2015 - 2017
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Office Staff
I lived here for about two years. First- don't expect to keep any of your deposit. Despite charging me without warning for replacing the blinds twice, I was still charged for blinds upon moveout. Carpets were a sunk cost, though I have on good authority (ie, I knew the person who moved into my unit) that the carpets were never replaced and the money was just collected from my deposit. Important rental information is left tied to the handle of the front door, which is quite a shock if you go out of town and come back to a neighbor bringing you a notice that your rent hiked but the notice blew off your door a week ago. Great way to find out about a rent hike. Management can be a little pants-on-head-stupid when you bring your issues to them, but they do make an honest effort so you can't be too mad at them. My biggest issue there was I told them a thousand times that I have to go on business trips a LOT, and to please stop leaving rental information tied to the front door. I left them about ten other forms of contact and they never utilized any of it. Maintenance people were decent. I had an issue with the alarm system (it would just go off for no reason and the keypad would lock up) that they could never figure out how to solve and eventually just unhooked it because I was moving out within the month. Neighborhood is all right. I had a ton of packages stolen because there is no package deposit, they're just left on the doorstep. I caught the mail carrier stealing one and went through a contango with the postal inspector, so that pretty much answers the question of where they went. Three Nintendo WiiUs, a debit card, two toasters, and an assortment of hardback novels later, I think the issue might have blown over, but I'd still recommend asking to have all your important mail sent as contingent upon signature. Neighborhood is otherwise safe, which is a plus because the gates rarely work. My biggest issue was the noise. I was on nightshift for the majority of the time I lived here, and the walls were paper thin. If I wasn't listening to the neighbor nextdoor yell at her boyfriend or blast music, it was the guy downstairs discussing his tax evasion plan with his wife (protip, the IRS probably knows that two out of three iPADs aren't a business expense, nor is your family's Hawaiian vacation). I'd recommend having personal conversations in the middle of the day when everybody is at work, it's very easy to hear what your neighbors are up to. The poor people downstairs spent a lot of time banging on my ceiling, since I was up at weird hours trying to prepare for third shift. Sorry folks, I needed to get dressed and it's really not my fault that 100lbs of tiny person with socks on carpet sounds like an elephant herd. Moreover, while the grounds look great, it's an unending military effort of leaf blowers every single morning around 10am. Don't live here if that's your sleep hours. Word of advice- the upper floors with the high ceilings look lovely, but they are ridiculously difficult to cool. My electric bills were astronomical in the summer. Sort of a 'whoops, never had this before' mistake on my part, but just be warned. At the time I moved in, the units were waaaay overpriced but I needed to move ASAP and rolled with it. I believe the rent has gone down since then, but every time I asked for a lower rate, they refused to budge. Rent went up both times I renewed with no explanation, as at the time, the rest of the units on my floor were empty. Other than that, one of the more uneventful complexes I lived in. Amenities were great, both in the apartment and the complex. No bugs (I did have a snake on the third floor but that was so weird I think it was a total anomaly). Never had my car broken into. If you're okay with the costs and the lack of sound dampening, it's not a bad place to live.
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Citrus Creek West Apartments

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