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Cypress Creek



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jhall07 • Resident 2006 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 02/04/2007
Here's what I liked:<br><br>- Plenty of available parking; especially compared to the other complexes within the Creeks development.<br><br>- Very quiet neighbors in my building; have yet to hear lots of noise from any other buildings (even on weekends). No late night partiers or wannabe DJs playing music too loudly.<br><br>- If you have an apartment facing inside towards the courtyard it's a bonus because the courtyard is actually beautifully landscaped. Fountains always going so if you leave your windows open it's nice to hear.<br><br>- There are currently at least 2 police officers who live in this complex, which for me is a good sign of this being a safe place.<br><br>- I needed shelves in my closet fixed and my thermostat fixed upon moving in. Both were fixed promptly and the new maintainence guy who was hired at the end of 2006 is very friendly and professional, always knocking several times (loudly) before coming in.<br><br>- Not cheap apartments but not too expensive for the size of the apartment and the condition of the apartment and complex.<br><br>- I hesitate to mention how nice the office staff is because that usually makes the review seem like it was planted by the apartment complex, however, they really are the nicest and most helpful office staff I've had out of 5 apartments i've lived at over the years. If Christine (property manager) is still here when you look, you'll be in good hands.<br><br>Here's a list of the things I didn't like:<br><br>- Trying to leave the apartment complex during heavy traffic can be a pain in the butt.<br><br>- It's halfway between the two closest grocery stores so when there's a lot of traffic it can take almost 10 minutes to get to either one. Maybe i've just been spoiled in the past. Honestly, it's hard to think of negatives for this place because I just had a great experience here. Both my girlfriend and I felt very safe (even for being in New Orleans) and enjoyed the apartment.<br>
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Cypress Creek

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