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Sawmill Creek Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2016 - 2018 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/21/2018
I was going to start this review by covering all of the issues with this apartment, however, something more interesting came up.... They returned the majority of my security deposit, but then they put a stop order on the check! That's right, I actually received a deposit refund. However, after I complained about what they withheld, they sent me angry emails and put a stop order on the check in retaliation! It took multiple threats of contacting law enforcement to get them to send a replacement check. However, if that's not enough to make you run, see below for a list of issues I had with my apartment at Sawmill: 1. Mice. They ate all of the food in my pantry (yes it was all sealed in bags) 4 times while I lived here, pest control wasn't able to do much and maintenance told me it's to be expected 2. Lots of roaches, spiders, various bugs. My morning routine became walking my dog then picking up all of the dead roaches and clearing the mouse traps from the night 3. Bees on the deck. For my first summer maintenance told me there was nothing they could do about the several wasp's nests making my deck unusable 4. The apartment was never spot painted before I moved in as promised, and never over the 15 months I lived there 5. The carpet was dirty and never cleaned before I moved in (at least they didn't bill me for it when I moved out!!) 6. The windows were all so dirty/broken/rusted they didn't even open 7. Water leaked in from above the windows that didn't open when it rained. I notified the landlord of this and they didn't really care, and then mold started to grow from it 8. Half of the entire apartment is slanted, probably by 10 or 15 degrees at the end. There was a noticeable drop in the middle and the rest of the apartment was slanted, sinking downward 9. Because the apartment was sideways, the dishwasher was sideways and leaked water when I run it. I had to leave a large bowl under one corner to stop my kitchen floor from flooding 10. The washer was so old and loud that I got a headache from using it, even if I was upstairs 11. When it rains the parking lot floods with raw sewage. Yup. And then it kind of sits there for a few days after as it slowly dries 12. Dogs poop everywhere and the owners leave it. Get ready to step in poop daily 13. Dogs poop and pee ON THE STAIRS leading to apartments. Nope, management doesn't care enough to even respond to emails about it 14. There is a good bit of crime and police activity at night, you can walk around and watch drug deals at night. I'm fairly certain I even saw some prostitution……. 15. The AC is useless. I was in a two-story, two bedroom, and my AC unit was the same as what they put in one bedroom units that are half the size. I was lucky to get the upstairs below 90 degrees on hot days 16. The agents will lie to you, in writing. First Lake will refuse to stand by what the agent says. Even if it's in writing and you show them the email chain. 17. They attempt to modify the lease, doing things such as introducing new fees, through simple notices left on the door. What First Lake doesn't seem to understand or care about is that modifying a contract (the lease) must be done in writing and agreed upon by both parties, not simply by leaving a notice on the door when they decide they want more money. Their overall attitude seems to be that they do whatever to with no respect for what's morally or legally right. If this wasn't already obvious enough, if you're reading this I suggest you run while you still can.
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Sawmill Creek Apartments

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