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Brandywine Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2001 - 2003 Not Recommended
Reviewed 11/05/2007
Wow...I lived at Brandywine for about a year and a half. At first, I loved it...then, it got a little interesting. I had a mouse chew through a phone cord...so, I took the cord to the office and asked them to come tape up/close off the hole behind the toilet. No one came....a mouse chewed up my rice, poptarts, beans in my pantry....I told them about this and asked them to make the repairs again...no one came. I stayed late at work one night and arrived at my apartment around 1:30am to find a note on my door. After months of not tending to the issue, they decided all of a sudden to attempt to fix the problem. Well, apparently they had misplaced the key to my apartment and left a note saying they had to get into my apartment and had changed all the locks. Please come to the office. (All locks in the apartment were the ones that their maintenance team had installed. None of them were ever changed by me.) ONE...they never attempted to call me at work or any of my contact #'s and let me know what was going on. If they had, I would've left work to get a key to my apartment. TWO...I called the answering service and sat in the parking lot for over an hour waiting for someone to call back. Finally, I asked the answering service how that worked and was told she paged the on call person every 15 minutes until they answered. I thanked her and told her to cancel the page, that I was going to spend the night w/ a friend and that I would speak w/ the apartment manager the next morning. THREE....the next morning...there was no one at the apartment until much later than their posted hours of operation. I was standing outside w/ the gentleman who was waiting to do fire extinguisher inspections. I WAS LIVID!!!! I received no apology...nothing....I would not ever move here...I would not recommend it...it doesn't matter how inexpensive it is....it is not worth it!!!
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Brandywine Apartments

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