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Country Club Apartments



Former Resident · 2020
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Office Staff
This is by far the worse place to call home. New management sign is just the biggest lie ever told. The overseer, Alexis, is a walking talking joke. Her only task is finding a body to put in these half-completed apartments. The people she is allowing in only have to be breathing, no other requirement. The grounds are littered with trash, air conditioner never works but oh if not, you can get a window unit since they are not interested in fixing anything. There is an influx of children running the grounds all time of night, through the stairwells of units where they don't even live, stealing, fighting, window breaking, and let's not forget the grown-ups fighting. Im a glad I don't live directly near the herd of people who recently moved in but you can tell where they are at any given point. they leave a trail of trash and destruction unsupervised and loud. Trust me when I say, leaving this place is the best thing ever because Alexis will never do anything to maintain any sense of normalcy in this ratchet area. The management company should be ashamed of themselves for even allowing a waste of money on this place and any part of a salary. Guess it doesnt matter when you dont have to lay your head in the same place you allow the foolishness. Only if you do not have access to anything else should you move here and trust me, make the time short as possible or you may run into a family of unsupervised children and the unpleasant lack of parents, littered parking lot, unfinished units in every building. It's true, move a certain element in and watch it depreciate. There has to be some type of code enforcement for a place like this..just may have to see about that With everything that is going on right now to have to even write this post lets, you know how awful this place is.DO NOT BE FOOLED...SERIOUSLY!!!
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Country Club Apartments

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