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Foxborough Cove



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Cory Floyd • Resident 2015 - 2016 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/27/2016
Been here a yr in june, not bad place to stay but their are better, the apartments are put together in such a way as to have you accountable for damage such as towel racks not even screwed to studds or sheetrock anchors used, I have been a Carpenter for 10 years and there is very much that is just thrown down or thrown together, sad when people have to pay more for an apartment than a house. Anyway we had a cat problem recently with someones cat not being spade/nuetered and kittens ending up in the exterior wall my, me and my girlfriend provided cat food/sardines and a live trap to catch them in and our neighbor took it upon herself to find them homes, it seems management was involved very little in this problem. what really aggrivated me was that our live trap with a name clearly on it was taken by maintenance and when I went to retreive it I was made to walk all the way around the grounds to get my trap which I had to carry on my shoulder all the way back to my apartment it isn't light (35 lbs). all that while the men had pickups and should have been responsible for bringing it to me, lazy management not much to catering to the needs of those who pay to live here.
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Foxborough Cove

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