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Quail Creek



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aledford2025 • Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/11/2005
My boyfriend and I lived here for 6 months. We had an effeciency, no bills paid. We paid 415/month which is expensive for an effeciency, much less w/ no bills paid. I was willing to pay this much because I thought it would be a nice gated place. The pool was ALWAYS dirty when you could get into it b/c the lock on the gate was messed up. The hot tub had dead frogs and leaves ALL in it for the longest time after the pool opened. There was a trick to opening it and you have to find the trick out yourself. The neighbors are nice but they are trashy. We complained NUMEROUS times about cigarette butts and dog crap all over our front porch and lawn, they said they could not do anything b/c we didnt know who was doing it, like we were supposed to watch them 247 or something. One thing I did like was maintanence, they were very quick to respond when you needed ANYTHING, which was a relief. Half of the staff is very nice but half of the time, they were VERY rude. One day we went by to drop off rent it was about 1pm(office hours like 8-5m-f)and the door was locked so I knocked on the door. One of the staff answered and said "We are having a meeting, come back later". I thought this was rude. I mean they do have a dropbox and I had no problem dropping it in there, but there was no warning of this meeting and they were very rude, like I was inconveniencing them. Plus, why not just take the rent, how would that hurt? I didnt want a receipt or anything. One other thing that pissed me off is that when I first moved in we made an agreement that I would pay 100$ of the pet deposit(out of 300$) and I would pay 50$ over the next 2 months. Well next months rent rolls around and I pay my 50$. A few days later I get an eviction notice saying I'm late on my rent and to pay or I was going to be evicted. I went in to talk to them about it and all of a sudden the rules had changed and I had to pay the full 100$ which I didnt mind but they didnt have to just change the rule we had already agreed on and their excuse was "It was just a misunderstanding". Right, but not MY mistake. They should hold up their end of the agreement, I mean it was just 50$. The males in the office were always very friendly but the females were all ------- and rude. They say this is a gated apartment, but I've never ONCE seen the gate closed, nor do they even mention a gate key or code. I mean what is it for? Looks? I thought moving into this place would be nice and luxurious since I was paying a little extra but this place is not worth the money AT ALL!
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Quail Creek

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