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Summer Trace Apartments



Resident · 2007
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Office Staff
I lived in these low class run down apartments for a year and a half and am glad to have moved and got a house. I will start by saying like any apartments you look at the management is nice and friendly and also full of bs. With in the first week of my husband and I moving in my washer broke and it took them 3 weeks to fix it, but it wasn't fixed the dryer then stopped drying cloths and I would have to run it 3 times just to get my cloths dried. I told the office and they sent the Maintenance guy. Who does not know what he's doing and he said " I can't turn the heat up or you'll start a fire". I then had a problem with water coming in from outside in my 2nd bedroom. I again told the office 3 times about this and she told me I could move everything in another room and have people come fix it while I was out of town I refused to have people in my apartment while I was gone so they rigged it so water would not come in anymore. That did work but it was to late for my furniture that was in there and my husbands computer that got damaged from the water. I had to replace his desk ,file cabinet and his computer all at no cost to the apartment complex which should have been responsible. Then the last straw was and thank goodness I was handing in the keys I have a kitten I paid a 300 pet deposit for and he had knocked off a few and i mean a few of the blinds and she told me I would have a bill sent to me for that or I could go buy some and drop them off when I asked what did I pay a pet deposit for she said " any damages to the carpet or the apartment". The blinds are in the apartment so wouldn't that be covered hmm I would say so. PLEASE DO NOT MOVE TO THIS DUMP!!! Take you money somewhere else and don't make the same mistake I did.
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Summer Trace Apartments

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