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Summer Trace Apartments



Resident · 2003 - 2004
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Office Staff
I have been living here for 6 months and I can't wait to move out. I liked this place for about 2 days, and then I saw its true colors. I think the management is extremely incompetent. They changed the name to "Summer Trace" before I moved here, yet they never changed the name on the big sign at the entrance. (They did however put up a speed limit sign of 4 1/2 mph.) They started installing a gate 6 months ago but stopped working on it after a month, even though they said it was going to be finished in that time. (It doesn't work; it's just a gate that's always open.) They started to work on the two pools in May, and they weren't finished working on them until mid-July. Actually, I'm not even sure if one of them is open yet, and it's August. As for our individual apartment unit, the bathroom walls are rotting and the cocking around the bathtub was so bad that water is now leaking down to our neighbors below. Maintenance told us to clean and dry the tub so they could come re-cock it. We did that two weeks ago, called them back 3 times, and they still haven't come by to fix it. This causes us to be hated even more by the people below us, a father and son who like to stand outside by their car at night drinking beer and yelling profanities at us. We are 3 girls in college, and we feel very unsafe. The people that live around us seem very trashy, and some appear to be dealing drugs. There has been a broken-down car parked in our lot for the last 6 months. People take their pets out and don't clean up their crap. There are cats always running around at night. One has no tail. The washing machines and dryers in the laundry room are expensive to use and always have huge dead bugs in them. I think a cat lives in that laundry room, too. To put it nicely, this complex is a nice mix between straight ------ and white trash. However, management is working on it. They were very quick to call us and say that we had to take down some little white Christmas lights that hung on our back patio because it was summer time, "Christmas has long come and gone," and it looks "trashy." They did suggest that we go to Walmart and buy some actual "patio lights." We went there and found some "patio lights." They're little white Christmas lights. Now I'm not trying to say that the management ladies are all -------, but one of them truly is. The rent here is pretty cheap, which it should be, although they just raised the price this summer for the two pools that they finally reopened in July and the gate they put in that doesn't close. All in all, living here makes me want to kill myself, and I wish I had stayed in my college dorm room.
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Summer Trace Apartments

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