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Summer Trace Apartments



Resident · 2007 - 2009
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Office Staff
My husband and I lived there for three years while we prepared to buy a home. This place is awful. First of all they charge so many fees to move in it's ridiculous. They charged us, including a pet deposit, about $650 in fees alone not including the first and last months rent. We will only see about $280 of that back. They wanted to charge us fees once we moved in for things not in the lease and they would change the rules of the lease almost weekly by leaving a paper on your front door telling you the new rules and if you didn't abide by the new rules then you guessed it FEES!! That's just the beginning...The courtesy officer doesn't exist there was a strange man i had never seen before just standing outside my building I called and it was 15 minutes before a Shreveport police officer showed up at my door. They charge you extra for living in a gated community which by the way you don't. The gates will either lock you out or lock you in or not work at all and be stuck open. The maintenance sucks as well i called on four different occasions about several things such as the air conditioner being broken in the middle of this humid hot summer state, the sink in one of the bathrooms leaking and molding, the door to my laundry area fell off the hinges, the screen door to the balcony fell off the hinges they never came to fix anything.....mostly because while we spent the three years there we saw 5 managers go through the office!!!! The emergency number they give you is an off site lady that hates her job. I was locked outside the apartments because the gates were once again malfunctioning my gate key wouldn't open it and i couldn't get the call box to call me either so i could manually open it. I called the "emergency" number and she told me she'd call maintenance it was forty-five minutes and three calls later that another tenant let me in with their gate card. The office did nothing to compensate me for me time and the maintenance crew never showed up due to the fact that they live all the way in caddo parish or out in benton!!!! I was furious to say the least!!!! By the way they like to call you and complain about things like old blinds that haven't been replaced in years that broke on one piece(they will charge you to replace them) or a mop hanging over the balcony to dry but while we lived there an apartment next to ours caught fire and they let it sit there all burnt up and the blinds all black and appliances that had burned for 6 months before they finally just painted over it. Of the 2 swimming pools only the one by the office is safe to swim in its the only one they maintain(which is a new thing). I would seriously advise Village of Williamsburg next door or one of the ones on the parkway they are a little more expensive and by a little i mean a serious little amount to live in they are much nicer they keep their word and the managers are understanding and compassionate. Summer Trace is the worst place in the world to live!!!! Wish i had read the reviews before we moved but my husband and i needed a place in a pinch so we chose them without any research please read all of the reviews they all say the same thing but a few have different complaints.
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Summer Trace Apartments

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