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The Pier-Landing



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/06/2005
In good conscience I could not recommend Pier Landing at all..<br>My Husband and I moved to Pier Landing because at the time that was all we could find in a decent area..Worse mistake we ever made.<br>The staff comes off as being so willing to do anything to help you..that is until you get moved in, then it is a totaly different story..<br>When ever I would go in to ask about something in the apartment being repaired I would get the dirtest response..like I was bothering them..<br>And as for the neighbors, they will rent absolutly anyone..My first neighbor was quite nice..quiet, no problems..then after she moved out, they put in some low class white trash, that got drunk,played thier music too loud at all times of the day and night and stood out on the stoop and screamed and hollerd all night..And yet again when I complained, they treated me as though I was a bother..It took a LOT of complaining and even threating to call the owners of the property to finally get them to evict them. unfortunaly the next neighbors were no better, people coming in and out all night, stomping up the stairs, slamming the door ect and the staff of Pier Landing could have cared less..<br>As for the apartment itself..For what my husband and I were paying for this 2 bedroom apartment, it was not worth it at all! The living room and bedrooms were too small, and had no overhead lights and not enough space to put lamps..And the water was awful..I have never smelled or tasted anything so bad in all my life.It must be the complex, because once we moved, we have not had that problem with the water at all..<br>As for securtiy that is a total joke...I never felt really safe at Pier landing..We had one incident where a young punk was outside right under our window around 3am, on a cell phone,with a gun, screaming and holling, threating to kill who ever he was talking to and even ended up breaking the securtiy light right outside our unit, which was never fixed..when we called security they said they would be right over, but yet they never showed up and by the time the cops were contacted and they arrived the punk had left..Just as bad was that we had 14 year old girls hanging out with thier hoodlim friends at 4am right under our unit, playing their music loud and holling and carrying on and nothing was ever done about it..<br>So if you are considering moving to Pier landing DONT!! There other places that are much better..
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The Pier-Landing

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