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Dover Heights



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Office Staff
Resident 2001 - 2004 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/17/2005
First the good:<br><br>These apartments are very nice looking, its obviously been kept up with well landscaped and the parking space (which is huge) is kept clear of snow and swept several times a year. The kitchen and bathroom are very clean and appliances while not the newest are functional and decent enough. Also the maintainance guy is great responding to problems very fast and is very approachable. <br><br><br>Now the bad:<br><br>The apartment walls and ceilings are very thin, you will hear every creak, cough and sneeze so how happy you are here is entirely dependent on your neighbours. Laundry facilities are inadequate with only one washer and dryer for each building, both woefully small and expensived, people also have a habit of forgetting to remove their clothes so expect to wait several hours to do a single wash and then another few hours to do a single dryer run. <br><br>Summary:<br><br>This apartment would be absolutely perfect if it wasn't for one thing...Noise, Noise, Noise! You WILL hear every single footstep of your neighbour above, and if someone plays anything with the slightest of bass, you will feel it. The place desperately needs sound proofing, so unless you don't mind dull bass thumping through walls (which isn't even that loud so you can't complain) or the constant stomp stomp above you then this really is a nice place. Also smoking is permitted so if that bothers you then you might want to look else where, pets are also not allowed so thats another consideration.
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Dover Heights

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