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Barrett House



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/28/2005
I had always thought highly of the Barrett House.Had gotten high reviews verbally mentioned to me by residents of the building.But when it came a time I was in a serious need of a place to go.Where a handicap person with limitations and no vehicle to get around town in to be able to get to a market to get grocerys or to get to a bank to do the banking that is necessary. Well, I was dismayed to hear the words I heard upon my interview. The words I heard, although pleasently put, and not at all rudely put. I could keep my small pet which I need for due to the help he provides towards my medical needs. I could have an aparment suitable for the size i could use. there would be enough bedrooms even to provide for my son. but because of my sons young age.he would not be accepted there.NOw that That was discrimination in the worst of my opinion. for discrimination of my needs to have my son with me to help me along the way in life as i have helped him along the years since he formed inside of me.since his heart operation.since he and i have undergone so many so many things over the years. to say to a single mother with a disability that she can keep her animal but not her son in order to have an apartment that was a disgrace. but yet other elderly can have drugaddicted teenagers older children whom have no doubt been perhaps incarcerated and denied it on an application they have signed to get in there. who would seriously know? a child molester can refuse to sign a register form and be under protection from the eyes of the public and noone would ever know the wiser. these things are not always known just by an application. i am just appalled .and although it has sat within my heart and my soul for quite some time i felt it is time i voiced this opinion now.so now i have. be that it may do no good for me now. i have lived in an undesirable location for a year.i have had to climb stairs.i have undergone 2 more strokes within this time. i have had to deal with humiliation, discrimination.and to receive and give back a donation of a power wheel chair due to the fact of no ramp being provided for me at this place i for a period tryed to call home. throughout being thieved from.and etc. now i again search for another place to move to.again, disappointed.
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Barrett House

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