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Townhouse Of Amherst Apts



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/04/2007
First off I can tell you that anyone writing a nice review is actually the sneaky and very RUDE management pretending that they are residents. THIS PLACE IS DISGUISTING!! I cannot overstress that. They have a HUGE cockroach problem and the apartments are filthy, even after hours of scrubbing and their cleaning agency they hired to clean there twice! There are huge parties here EVERY NIGHT. I could deal with it on the weekends, but EVERY NIGHT. It it great when you have a 7 am class and some 18 year old decides that he and his closest 70 friends have to scream their heads off and play bad music until 4am. Management does not care about anything and the main office woman is the rudest, most unprofessional person I have ever had the displeasure of meeting. Moving into my apartment, which the former Indian residents ( all 8 of them in a 2 bedroom apartment )I encountered a house that had cat pee stained rugs from the 80's, a stove full of cockroaches, and under the fridge, oil covered cabinets and kitchen walls. A dish washer full of curry and rice ( the dishwasher did not work the entire year that I worked there dispite several time contacting Mr, Kamin III himself) and wood paneling in the living room that was actually purchased to look like it had termite holes in it! Classy! The rent of $1000.00 a month includes nothing and of course they have electric as their primary hot water and hear source! The most expensive. The property is maintained so badly and the two dumpsters in plain view (very classy feature also) is always overflowing with garbage because they probably do not want to pay any one to take the garbage away more than once a month. Parking is also horrible. They will only allow 2 parking stickers per apartment, then you have to pay $200 dollars to park, even though you are giving them $1000.00 a month for a year, but there is no one to maintain the parking lot. Because everyone and their mother has to party here you cannot find a parking spot in your own parking lot and the great thing is that people will drink their brains out, sleep whereever and leave their car parked behind and all around you so that you cannot get out. This happens especially on the weekends when there is no one in the office. The best part is that the Amherst police and towing companies will not remove the cars without permission of the Townhouse office. Great!! Great!! So if you have a job, want to visit boyfriend/girlfriend/leave your apartment then you have to knock on every one of the apartments (70 of them) and see if someone who owns the car is there and will move it. Then to top of this charming year that I had there, my mail was constanly being stolen. Other residents and nonresidents were breaking into our "secure" mailboxes and packages went into the office. No one cared who would actually pick up the packages. The office people wanted nothing to do with it and the packages were left by the door. You think that if they could not offer to have a secure place to keep and monitor the package's pickup that they would tell the postoffice to keep the packages and residents would have to pick them up. My roomates and other neighbors were harrassed about other neighbor garbage and cigarette butts on the "well maintained" lawns by maintanence and they threatened to charge us for them having to clean up someone elses mess. The consistent mold in the bathroom is the best part of this place. Because of the fine design of these apartments no vents were ever placed into the upstairs bathrooms, so you had constant mold, no matter what. Everytime you showered (with the window open in winter) you accumulated more mold. I wasn't looking for Trump towers when I moved into this place last year, but I was looking for a place that is not infested with roaches, has cat pee smell to it, has mold everywhere, is filty, and has the RUDEST, most unprofessional people working there. DO NOT LIVE HERE AND BELIVE ANYTHING ABOUT A GOOD RATING HERE.
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Townhouse Of Amherst Apts

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