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Arlington Gardens



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MobabVonHoffman • Resident 2008 - 2010 Not Recommended
Reviewed 05/28/2010
When I moved in, the grounds looked okay. Then I saw the overflowing dumpters that needed to be emptied twice as often as they actually are. Some people don't even bother walking into the enclosure which houses the dumptsers, they just get close and toss the trash bag in the dumpster enclosures direction. Or worse, like the Chinese couple above me, they simply dump their garbage out the window onto my porch roof. I get to enjoy a constant shower of eggshells, fishbones, used tissues and other things that are not worth mentioning in polite company... A walk one day after moving in revealed the apparent green lawn to be nothing more than a carpet of clover and dandelions which, for some reason, must be mowed every week, and then ONLY very early in the morning. Management is nothing more than lip-service (When you can get ahold of them,) maintenance is one overworked man, apparently. And the noise is unbearable. I have never lived an apartment complex where you can so clearly hear everyone else in their own apartments. I can hear the people above me talking, walking, cooking, watching TV, using the phone, getting it on, and using the toilet. And I also hear all that from the people on both sides of me! Laundry machines are minimal, and barely work properly, if at all. Parking lots are plowed poorly, and sidewalks shoveled badly when shoveled at all. It is not uncommon to wait 48 hours for the sidewalks to be cleared after a simple snowfall. Ice patches and large lumps of frozen icy snow are far too common after sidewalks ARE shoveled. I blew out an ankle on an ice patch, and I witnessed an older lady neighbor take an awful fall in the parking lot one winter. If you're elderly, disabled or in any way infirm, this is no place for you. (ADA be damned. This is a cash cow that management and/or owners plan to squeeze until it squeels...) This complex is badly designed, quickly built, barely maintained, poorly managed, loud, old, and not worth half the asking price of the cheapest apartment. Avoid it all costs. (If you don't avoid it, don't say you were never told.)
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Arlington Gardens

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