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Bedford Village



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Resident 2012 - 2019 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/28/2019
A new management company called the Preservation for Affordable Housing has taken over ownership of Bedford Village and most people are now wishing for the past management company. These new owners seem to care little for the tenants. The management staff never is available, they never answer the phone, snow removal is a joke, the recent "remodel" job looks okay but the way it was done, and the way things were moved/removed is absurd. The last straw so far was when they took all the mailboxes that were in each individual building's lobby and moved them to a central, outdoor location for the disabled. Not sure why making the disabled walk outside, through the complex, especially in lousy weather, is a benefit for them. Not sure how those in a wheelchair benefit either. This outdoor location has no covering and packages are just left outside in the rain and snow, you can see a couple sitting on top in the picture, not sure how someone in a wheelchair is going to grab their package from up there. After speaking with the town postmaster we've learned the post office was deliving mail to the boxes in each buildings lobby for over 40 years without a problem and they don't understand this foolishiness either. Stay away from this place, it's one headache after another.
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Bedford Village

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