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Bedford Village



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Office Staff
Resident 1994 - 2019 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/03/2019
I despise this place. I grew up here, and moved back when I had my daughter due to financial issues. The new owners have been nothing but trouble. They "renovated", meaning they took out the not so nice looking things that worked fine and replaced them with extremely cheap "nice" looking things. Snow removal is a joke, I hope you don't have to go anywhere until the day after a storm because they won't plow until 1pm the next day. God forbid it snows on a Saturday... no plow til Monday afternoon. Maintenance enters apartments without permission, but they can't actually fix anything. My front door has refused to lock properly for 3 years now, but because the (grown men) maintenance guys can lock it then it's fine. If you leave anything at all in any of the common areas inside the building, it will be thrown away with no warning. Don't park in a spot that's not your own, or they'll tow you with no warning. They leave notices in the door in the evening, informing us of work being done inside our homes the next day. The office staff is completely unprofessional, and have lost several papers that I signed and gave them. If I could, I'd rather live in my car than this place. Don't move here unless you want to be miserable until you move out.
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Bedford Village

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