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Resident · 2015 - 2016
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Office Staff
The "highlight" was what was assumed a quite area in Beverly, the cost and the folks in the office until July 20. A few things has led to this point but July 22 was the icing... My wife and I came back from vacationing in FL on Tuesday, found a bug we thought nothing of on one of her shirts on Thursday as she was heading out for work then found a bug in our bed on Saturday into Sunday around midnight - still not really thinking anything of it, we kill it and try to go to sleep until I notice I have a cluster of bumps on my arm that are very itchy and starting to rise. We sleep in the living room. Lay in bed the next night after doing laundry and I have more bites - back to the living room. I'm sitting at the table about 7pm Monday and I notice I have another bite around my elbow that's as bad and itchy as the others so we go get allergy cream. At this point we can't ignore this, something is up. Postings say the office opens at 8:30am, I get there 10mins to 9am no one is there so my wife calls later. No response. We send an email. No response. I go to the office and speak with someone who arranges for the apartment to be inspected on Wednesday; I get a call that they've found nothing and I should call the hotel we stayed at, I do that and nothing. Don't hear anything else until we go to the office asking what's up with someone treating our apartment. They say someone is coming on Friday anyway for "inspection of the common areas". Someone with a property logo on his t-shirt brings two guys to our apartment who will treat it. Before he leaves he says he's going to make sure the other two other apartments are ready. After he leaves I ask the guys, you have more to treat today? One of the guys say yeah and he's been here several times before. All the time they took trying to make us seem crazy they could've used to treat our apartment. This on top of being told within months of moving in our rent would be increasing by $200 at the end of our lease; along with the elevator never working and having to fight with the maintenance guy who seems to believe people like to report things that aren't true. We've had someone take our clothes out of the washer. We have gone days without hot water and no warning / no notice until we questioned it and not to mention the construction that starts before 9am. If you move here, good luck! Everything they do will be at your expense. We have asked them several times not to come into our unit when we aren't home and they continue to do it for their latest projects that never end - right now, they are installing central air. In the meantime we have to breath in the dust they leave behind and the holes they've left that allow us to look into other people's apartment. We put our sixty day notice in writing only to be told we had to stay until the end of the month or we would still be charged.
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