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24 Haviland Street



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 12/15/2005
Don't let the first review fool you. If you are a Berklee student I recommend the building, you can't get any closer. If you are not a Berklee student don't even bother. You will have drum circles, electric guitars, singing, screaming, pounding etc ALL hours of the night and from all sides. My dozens upon dozens of phone calls to the management did absolutely nothing. Lundgren Management can rot in hell they are the most unresponsive lot I've ever dealth with. As long as they have your money they won't help you.<br><br>The live in building manager is friendly and responsive, I would skip the management company altogether and go straight to him with any maintenence problems. The building is old but you won't have maintenance problems for long, he will come back until its fixed.<br><br>The transvestite hookers outside my window were sort of an atmospheric touch which I didn't mind much compared to the obnoxious Berklee students. There were often homeless people sleeping in our vestibule which I disliked and a number of robberies in the building which I'm guessing is why they installed video cameras at the door. I was constantly getting buzzed on the intercom by people trying to get into the building. The building manager does his best but security is dodgy at best especially because the students will prop the door open.<br><br>The space itself is not bad but the rest is not worth dealing with, try another building
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24 Haviland Street

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