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Resident · 2012 - 2013
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Do NOT consider leasing an apartment at CityView at Longwood. If you're still considering this location, I encourage you to continue reading.... I moved to Boston for a 1 year surgical fellowship. While the apartment location was convenient, it was not worth the year of headaches that ensued (and have continued 6 mos following my moving out!). When I moved into my apartment, the unit was in shameful condition considering the high monthly lease amount. The "hardwood floors" were in terrible shape and had been patched with unmatched wood in numerous conspicuous areas throughout the living room. The previous residents had also applied decals across the living room walls which were simply painted over by the maintenance team. These decals were clearly visible through the new paint. I was offered a different unit, but this was after it took my movers 4-5 hours to move 2 rooms of furniture into the unit because of poor elevator planning and the fact that movers are required to walk down a flight of stairs with furniture/boxes in order to reach the elevator. The cost of the prolonged moving time came out of my pocket, of course. I was not willing to pay additional money to re-hire movers and move a 2nd time. Fast-forward to the end of my year's lease. I have lived in many apartments throughout my professional training, but I have NEVER waited 6 months to receive my security deposit. And, I'M STILL WAITING! The leasing office had the nerve to deduct $80 in painting charges from my deposit, even though I left the walls in the same condition they were in when I first moved in (painted-over decals and all). Later, they said they didn't have the correct forwarding address, even though I provided this when I moved out and provided it again over several subsequent conversations with the leasing manager. It also required several conversations to remove the painting charges from my bill. A few days ago, I received a deposit check from CityView.....for the incorrect amount. To the manager's credit, at least I received a check after a 6 month wait. To her fault, she never removed the painting charges despite our conversations. And don't try to contact Equity Residential Properties, the managing company. Despite entering multiple online requests to have my concerns addressed, the company has failed to reply. I've only been waiting for over 2 weeks. I guess I should consider giving them 6 months. Bottom line: Don't lease here. It's a terrible building with sub-standard units. The leasing office frequently drops the ball. And 6 months later, I'm still waiting for the correct security deposit check.
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