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Resident · 2012 - 2016
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Office Staff
Pros: good location, close to work, groceries, many restaurants nearby, close to the T, overall atmosphere may suit college students Cons: -One or more elevators are often down. Despite what some may say, this is not normal for a building of this age. It is not unusual to wait 5-10 minutes for an elevator during busy times on most days. -Trash chutes are down multiple times during the year. This is especially annoying during winter since you would have to go outside to the back of the building to throw out small bits of trash. From what I gathered, this has a lot to do with residents shoving extra large items and cardboard down the chute. No matter how many emails get sent by management, this seems to be an ongoing issue (i.e. years). -Office staff are mostly helpful, but may occasionally provide misleading information. For example during the recent move out, I received a number of charges, one of which I was told verbally by staff that I would not be charged for (i.e. $200 for 58-day instead of 60-day move out notice, since it's close enough to "60 days"). My recommendation would be to have written documentation of everything (which I did not have this case). -Concierge staff sometimes inattentive and occasionally unprofessional. They are often browsing the web (e.g. Facebook) while on service (which I can kind of understand). It's just that they also give me the impression that I am interrupting them when I ask for delivered packages. Some other issues, not sure if these are routine issues. 1) Once or twice, I have seen kids who do not live in the building playing in the hallways on different floors, creating quite a bit of noise. 2) While waiting for the elevators one day, I overheard a concierge staff and maintenance staff member making fun of someone's parking while both were looking at the building's security monitors. Not sure who this person is, but overall, I do get the sense over the years that building staff do not keep opinions about residents to themselves. I think this is unprofessional. -Residents smoking. This is annoying. Despite emails sent by the Office, there are still a lot of folks smoking on their balconeys. As a result, I tend to not leave windows or balconey doors open for very long. -Noise. More of an issue for the corner units (my understanding is that you will hear everything in the stairs from footsteps to people talking). I do occasionally hear loud music with a lot of bass past midnight on weekends. Occasionally interferes with sleep. -Bed bugs? There may be an ongoing bed bug infestation. I've not had bed bugs in my apartment, but there are inspections several times a year (where you would have to move furniture and remove all bedsheets etc). I didn't do this during one of the inspections, and when I came back from work, my beddings and linens were torn. It's also disconcerting to have neighbors knock on your door during the weekend to ask if you also have bed bugs in yoru apartment. Overall: 1-2 stars. Arguably the worst rental experience I've had (lived in condos and apartments most of my life). Has a bit of a college dorm feel. Many of the tenants are college-aged. Most of the problems I describe should not be routine for most apartments. Good location, but can't recommend based on anything else. For the rent charged, there may be better options in the area. Look around.
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